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Global Music Distribution: Your Music in the Stores!

European Quality Winner: 97%
Price/Performance Test: 1.0 (A)

Global Music Distribution!

What if a person hears about you, wants to buy your music, and then: Nothing, because your music is not sold by the non-physical distribution platforms? To avoid such situations, we get your music on amazon®, iTunes®, Spotify®, and all the other major music stores. This does not guarantee a lot of sales but it ensures that your music is available if someone wants to buy it! And isn't that what we want: To sell music?

"We highly recommend Diamond Roses Records to anyone with ambitious goals in music!"
(Music Today Europe. Test as PDF below:)

Best Mixing and Mastering Studio

We place your Music worldwide!

No compromises! You don't have to reflect upon where you want your music to be available! We try to place your music on the most popular download stores - worldwide! Music distribution is not supposed to limit your scope but to be the basis for all future plans! If your music is globally available, you can start to be active anywhere in the world: And people will find your music online!

Distribution - World Map

How much is global Music Distribution?

Our Music Distribution is simple and transparent. If we like your music, we place it under our label "Diamond Roses Records". You'll receive a barcode, International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs), and can use our Label-Code (LC 20603). We try to place your music on all popular music shops. In turn, we charge US$ 20 per distribution plus US$ 10 per Track. Our distribution partners keep 15% of the money that comes back from the platforms, and we keep 5%. Thus, you receive 80% of the paid out money when tracks are sold.

Distribution - Price
US$ 30

Are you ready for Distribution?

Distribution is not the first step on the way to success. Do you have well-produced songs, a homepage, a great cover image for the release, and professional pictures? Have you dealt with Music PR which should be done BEFORE the distribution? If you need any help regarding these steps: Don't hesitate to contact us! We are your one-stop solution! Simply check out our "Music Services" on top of the page. Hire us for the things you need - skip what you don't need.

Music Distribution - You are Here

One step away from global Music Distribution, just check this list:

  • Are your compositions good? Are performance, recording, mixing and mastering fine?
  • Are you registered with a Collecting Society? If not, contact us:
  • Have you dealt with Music PR, which should be done BEFORE distribution (see: Our Music Services)?
  • Do you have professional cover graphics for the distribution?
  • Optional: Do you have a music video that can be used to promote your distribution (NOT A MUST!)?
  • Upload your WAV tracks via our "Upload" button and attach a PDF file with detailed info regarding the album and each track (Composer, Writer, Interpreted by, Genre, Recording Year, Year of Composition).

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