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The best Mixing and Mastering Studio ONLINE!

Quality Winner: 97%
Price/Performance Test: 1.0 (A)

Best Mixing and Mastering 2018!

You are all things music? Us, too! Not just our customers bless us with a ★★★★★ rating but Music Today Europe has scientifically tested Online Mixing and Mastering studios and came to the conclusion that Diamond Roses Records is the best tested Online Mixing and Mastering studio - available (not just) in the European Union. If you are looking for the best sound at a fair price: You are in the right place!

"We highly recommend Diamond Roses Records to anyone with ambitious goals in music!"
(Music Today Europe. Test as PDF below:)

Best Mixing and Mastering Studio

Best Mixing & Mastering Studios 2023 and 2024!

In 2023 AND 2024, the online audio guide (Affiliate of the biggest European Music Store and associate of Amazon Services LLC) has listed Diamond Roses Records on its personal "Top 12 Services for Mixing your Music" (find the complete article here). We are grateful for being listed next to Abbey Road Studios again - just like in 2018 and 2023 (see: Section above) and we are grateful for such a high position.

"Professional Mixing Services for music artists and producers looking to enhance the sonic quality of their tracks."
Mixing and Mastering - Best European Studio

Why the best Mixing and Mastering?

Why shouldn't you mix and master songs or film projects by yourself? Because material that doesn't meet industry standards is likely to be ignored by mass media. Don’t waste years on experimenting and wondering why you don't succeed! Play safe: Work with the best! Our scientific work is not done until your material sounds optimal, translates well on any system, and meets broadcast standards! Choose the best Mixing & Mastering for radio-ready sound that is eligible for broadcasting.

How much is the best Mixing and Mastering?

We offer an all-inclusive flatrate: US$ 300/ Song (up to 50 tracks, up to 6 minutes song length). Yes! For Mixing AND Mastering. For the COMPLETE Package. Our Online Mixing and Mastering Studio makes it possible! Music Today has perfectly put it: "Mixing and mastering are about theoretical knowledge, experience, practice, [and] well-trained ears". Mixing and Mastering is a science. We know the science and we spend up to 15 hours on every single song! That makes the difference!

Mixing and Mastering - Flatrate
US$ 300

Mixing & Mastering Audio Samples

  1. POP (Part of Your Life | Alexander Levico)
  2. ELECTRO (Thinking | Laura James)
  3. CLASSIC (Very Close | Czech Symphony)
  4. LATIN (Razon | Pipero)
  5. ROCK (Experience | Alexander Levico)

How to work with us?

Working with us is easy. However, to ensure that the results are as good as can be: Check our "Preparations" below. At the bottom of this page you'll find a checklist that you can go through before submitting your files via the green "Upload" button (top of the page).

Mixing and Mastering - Check out our Services

1. Is your song ready to be mixed and mastered?

Mixing and Mastering is not the first step in producing music. If you need any help on the way to this step: Don't hesitate to contact us! You need a nicely composed solo? A great analog drum track? Ideas regarding the arrangement? Creative lyrics? We are not just the best mixing and mastering studio! We are your one-stop solution for all things music! Simply check out our services via the "Music Services" menu on top of the page. Hire us for the things you need - skip what you don't need.

2. Multiple Vocal and Guitar Versions.

THIS IS NOT A MUST but if you want to have amazing results: Record the very same lead vocal three times and record guitars two times. Try to sing and to play as similar as possible on the second and on the third track. If you cannot really distinguish the tracks afterwards: You have done it right! This allows us to experiment and to choose the best track or the best parts of the three vocal or the two guitar tracks. For choirs: More voices equal to fuller results.

Mixing and Mastering - Switch off Effects

3. Avoid Clipping while Recording.

While recording: Adjust levels right and avoid clipping. Every part of the wave form that exceeds its given space (clipping, "Flat Tops") is lost and CANNOT be restored. Recording is not about making material "loud". Stay within the given wave container. Choose 24Bit or 32Bit to record: That gives you enough room to capture loud and soft passages. Normally, a Soundcheck is used to adjust levels right. Leave about 10dB of Headroom (empty space above and below the loudest parts).

Mixing and Mastering - Avoid Flat Tops

4. All files should be synchronized.

Please submit synchronized WAV audio files, that means: They have the same start time. Do not send us snippets. Example: If your song is 5:10 minutes long then the choir that can be heard for 21 seconds will also be submitted on an audio track that is 5:10 minutes long. The almost empty choir track will start when all other tracks start. In most programs you can use markers to realize synchronisation (the audio parts between the markers will be exported).

Mixing and Mastering - Synchronisation

5. Mono stays Mono. Stereo stays Stereo.

Usually, all sources that are recorded with a single mono microphone should be recorded and exported on mono tracks. In most cases these are: Lead Vocals, Solo Instruments (like E-Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet), Snare Drum, Kick, etc.! Sources that are recorded with two micropohones or with stereo microphones should be captured and exported as stereo tracks. For example: Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard Layers, Drum Overheads.

Mixing and Mastering - Synchronisation

6. Switch off Effects before the Export.

We need your material as rawly as possible. Before you export your WAV files: Please reset the faders to "0", reset the pan, and switch off effects, EQs, reverb. Exceptions: In case you have programmed nice autotune melodies or filter behaviour, or in case you have applied the perfect amp simulation on your clean guitar tracks: You can keep these elements. Optional: You can send us such tracks (autotune, amp simulation, filter behavior) WITH and one version WITHOUT the effects.

Mixing and Mastering - Switch off Effects

7. Switch off Effects in the Masterbus.

Please also switch off all effects in the Masterbus before you export your WAV files. As the best mixing and mastering studio, we really prefer tracks as rawly as possible.

Mixing and Mastering - Masterbus Effects

8. Stick to the same Sample Rate and Bit Depth

Please DO NOT change the sample rate or the bit depth of files when you export WAV audio files. Export all WAV audio files of one particular song with the very same bit depth and sample rate. This can be 16Bit and 44.1kHz, this can be 24Bit and 48kHz or - for example - 32Bit and 48kHz. Whichever constellation you opt for: Stick to it. And please do not submit material with more than 32Bit or with more than 48kHz.

Mixing and Mastering - Switch off Effects

9. Give your Audio Files clear Names

Please DO NOT send us files like "Groceries_84" because no one but you would know what it stands for. Please send us files that are clearly named. One option can be to use this scheme (this is not a must and just an example! Every scheme that can easily be understood is fine!): Instrument_Version.wav. If you opt for such a scheme a real track could, therefore, be named: "Piano_V02.wav".

Mixing and Mastering - Switch off Effects

10. Before you upload your files check this list (explanations above!):

  • Composition and recordings are how you want them to be?
  • Optional: You have recorded three lead vocal and two guitar tracks? (NOT A MUST!)
  • You have tried to avoid clipping ("Flat Tops")?
  • All audio files are synchronized?
  • Mono audio sources have been exported in Mono?
  • Effects, EQ, Reverb, etc. have been switched off before exporting?
  • All WAV files have been exported with the faders being reset to "0"?
  • All effects in the Masterbus have been switched off before exporting?
  • All WAV files have been exported with the very same sample rate and bit depth?
  • All WAV files are clearly named ("Kick", "Bass", etc.)?
  • Optional: You have prepared a demo mix (WAV or MP3) for us? (NOT A MUST!)
  • Upload your files via the green "Upload" button on top of this page.
  • Any questions? Contact us:

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