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We are delighted to work with you. To make the Upload Process more convenient for you, we want to provide you with some answers to standard questions:

The File Size determines the duration of the upload. Huge projects with some GBs can even take hours - depending on your personal upload speed and your internet connection.

In case you plan to upload huge projects: Please drop us a line (via E-Mail or Whatsapp) and wait for our approval.

Why? By dropping us a line you can avoid that work on our servers will be executed while you are uploading your files (which could lead to a complete loss of your data). We will leave our server untouched while huge projects are submitted.

In case you cannot see your preferred file format (by default we accept WAV, MP3, MP4, PDF), please contact us:

For security reasons, we do not accept all file formats right away. However, we are happily switching on your desired file format for you and for your particular upload.

Our system will NOT provide you with a progress bar. Please just wait until your files will have been uploaded.

Once the files will have arrived, a confirmation will be shown on screen - right below the "UPLOAD" button (before you will be asked to type in the password "DRR" again).

Moreover, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

In other words: We invite you to just relax, lean back and wait - while sipping a nice cup of coffee or tea. Be assured: Your files will find their way to our server. ;-)

File Upload (WAV, MP3, MP4, PDF)

One Project: One Upload; One Song: One Upload, etc.


Attach your files here. Upload ALL Files of ONE project or song at a time (WAV, MP3, MP4, PDF):


REQUIRED: I accept the
and the
P&R Policy

Once your Upload will be done, you will be asked to type the password "DRR" again. This is NOT AN ERROR but a necessary step in order to see the Upload Confirmation which will then be displayed right here:

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